Here we are.

Without wishing to appear facetious or self-satisfied, that really is all there is to say.

Having been preparing for this chapter of life since the beginning of April 2015, thoughts have also, from time to time, turned to this website – and this section.

Numerous drafts have been written, re-written, discarded, and polished – the definitive versions ready for when the site goes live. Returning to them when thoughts swing back towards the site simply serves to highlight how all is flux and change. Yes, all those voices and emotions and descriptions are immediately known and familiar, but they all speak of a certain moment in time speaking of certain moments in time; and that’s what they are about – there and then.

Now we are here.

We can all connect dots and create a story to suit our present narrative, and it may be fun to do so, but what’s relevant to now is that we are here, and what’s important is what happens from here to there to here. All we can say is: we are happy our choices have brought us here, and full of excitement at the prospect of unknown events to come, which of themselves will piece together into new narratives.

We’re story-tellers: weaving threads of experiences to create a sense of continuity, or I, or you, or we, and it can be lovely to piece those fragments together when looking back, and it’ll be fun creating new fragments with which to play.

And that’s really all we can say about the future and our hopes and dreams.

We know why we’re here, we’re happy to be here, and we harbour, as we all do, some kinds of hope, but we also know, in looking back, and living the day-to-day, how, once you tread less familiar paths, circumstances present less predictable options that lead to ever-more unpredictable choices with ever-more unpredictable outcomes, and so on and so forth.

And we know that after as little as the second night out under canvas, without the thought of a home to return to, we’ll be different people again, so there’s little point trying to impose definitions on the future. We’re just very excited to have the present ever-more present and lives feeling less lived according to predetermined outcomes.

Every step is a step into a greater unknown. Every moment to be tackled in a more overt here-and-now.

And that returns us to the beginning, which is now there, but also here …

… where we are 😀